The Germans visit my home town

  • [XVI PC 9.PD PR33 “402”]
  • Fall Gelb, attack on the Albert canal, may 15th 1940

The assault on Fortress Holland nearly completed, 9.PD’s eyes were already turning south. The whole point of their attack had been to lure the enemy north, as far as possible. The French and British generals were preparing a repeat of the Great War (with a twist) – this meant manning the Maginot- and KW-line in respectively France and Belgium. Only the Ardennes were left relatively undefended because, obviously, no modern army could cross those narrow mountain roads.

Thus the Netherlands received the full Fallschirmjaeger/LSSAH treatment as bait for two armies. Here we see the French 7ième armee noving north to meet the German 9th coming from the Moerdijk bridges and Breda. The setting is a little village in northern Belgium with two distinctions: it has a bridge (nr. 9) over the Turnhout-Antwerpen canal, and I grew up there. Therefore, contrary to my intentions, I have no particular vehicle to depict – there simply is no information other than a) on the 11th some Stuka bombed the aforementioned bridge and b) on the 15th “Germans” passed through the Hoostraatsebaan and the Hout- & Kerkstraat.

Anyway, the Dutch never were any good at land warfare so they were ready to give up even before Rotterdam was bombed. Their surrender scared off the French who were heading for Breda and Tilburg but instead went back south, practically giving up on Antwerp (where I used to live as well). They would, however, be blocked on their way home by the German main force which *had* managed to cross the Ardennes into northern France.

9.PD, in the mean time, followed the road down to Sint Job, Schoten and Antwerp.



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